Road Trip Gas Costs Online tools

How much will your gas cost? This page will calculate how much you will spend on gas on a road trip of a certain distance.
Miles driven
Gas price per gallon
Fuel efficiency
Driving 1,000 miles with a vehicle that gets 30 MPG means you will use 33.3 gallons of gas.
With a gas price of $3.75 / gallon, your total cost will be:
Other Costs
This only calculates the price for gasoline. The price of parking, wear and tear, road tolls, motels, tickets, etc. is not included.
Efficiency / MPG
Keep in mind that people don't usually get the advertised fuel efficiency for their car. To calculate your actual miles per gallon, reset your trip meter when you have a full tank. The next time you fill up your car, divide the number of miles you've driven with the number of gallons you just put in your tank. Many newer cars will also have this information available via the menu.